A group of self-appointed “patriots” are moving forward with an idea for a planned community of several thousand families of “patriotic Americans” in Idaho, a project named The Citadel, envisioned as a “martial endeavor designed to protect Residents in times of peril (natural or man-made).”

This is a very special kind of crazy.

(via “Liberty-Driven” Fortress Community Being Planned In Idaho | TPM LiveWire)


What? No moat?

Hey, at least there’s an amphitheater. Cause people like this appreciate the arts.

The Citadel Patriot Agreement reads roughly “guns, guns, guns, marksmanship, shooting, guns, guns, rifle, pistol, AR-15, guns, ammunition, marksmanship training, tactical, guns, guns, guns.” Interwoven into that seems a lot of compulsion for what is supposedly liberty driven.

I guess they’re just itching for the government to attack them as they probably expect it will do eventually. Well, if the government wants to attack them with impunity, they’ll have these nifty walls. Like thwarted sieges during medieval times. We’ve had airpower for some hundred years to mess with that and before that artillery.

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