Oh, Monday, you ruin me. No, seriously, I’m in ruins here.

Got up at around 5:30 feeling tired, but just dismissed that as being aftereffects of my visit to Stockholm. Got out into the -15°c cold and fought iced-over windows before I could drive off to work. “My” truck is still in the shop so one was plucked up from the bottom of the barrel for me. Turned out that none of the heaters in the cab seemed to work correctly. Shortly after that, when I had started loading the truck, I realized I wasn’t just tired, I was on my way to becoming sick.

So, great that I couldn’t get any heat into the cab for most of the morning. Still -15°c. Ended up leaving the engine running for most of my stops, using the cruise control to keep up the revs, because that way I managed to get a bit of hot air from the regular dashboard unit. So, if we all die tomorrow because of global warning, it’s probably my fault.

Meanwhile Marie and Cameron are way sicker than me, with only Fraser at full functionality.