Paketgatan, Borlänge 2012 (by Karl Gunnarsson)

I just deleted the “Best of 2012” set I was editing on Flickr. I thought about writing a long, pompous post about what I’ve been doing photographically instead, but I think I’ll skip that as well. However, 2012 was a pretty good year, photographically and otherwise, so I’d like to quickly say a few things about stuff I’m happy about or thankful for. Photography related, that is.

First off, the photo above is so far my favorite photo of this year. So far meaning “so far I like it the most” more than “I might make something better before this year’s over.” I finally managed to complete my Wilderness Years series this year. That was a personal milestone and made me feel like I at long last had something worthy of showing off on its very own website, so I set up a portfolio site for myself. I’d been wanting to do that for quite a while; I just hope I’ll have something to add to it before next year is over. And I am working an a new project along with several ideas, one in particular that I hope I can make happen, spare time and finances willing.

Lastly, I’ve been fortunate to have a bunch of smart, talented and helpful people who I’ve been able to talk photography with and ask for advice and help from. This internet is truly a wonderful place.

May your shutters snap true in 2013.